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What my clients have to say

My reviews can be found on Adultforum under “Natalia” from my time at Paradise Club, here are a few quotes to paint a picture for you…

“Natalia's chatty and effervescent personality puts a smile on your face the moment you meet her.
She has a lovely figure complimented with her cute accent and beautiful smile, just gorgeous! ”

— M


“From the first time I saw that pretty face, I know I am in for a treat. After the session, I was left speechless which she took great pride of. I was walking the streets of Wellington with a big smile in my face. Up until now, it is still there.”

— m


"And you really must book Natalia, to experience Natalia. Such a friendly and effervescent (thank you, google spell check) personality, matched only by her prowess and eagerness on the bed! I had a brilliant time with Natalia and will most certainly see her again.”

— a

“Natalia opened the door, and i'm sure my jaw hit the floor. Based on her online photos I knew she would be amazing, but the pictures only tell half the story. Wow, Natalia is breathtakingly beautiful. Natalia is definitely a special kind of woman, someone of pure fantasy but so real and easy going I was in ecstasy the entire time I spent with her.”

— t


"I was greeted by an amazing red head with hot pink lips and wearing a long, flowing, snake skin print, dress and very little else on. Thank you Natalia for the great time.”

— d


"Dinner was amazing as was the woman I got to share it with. I'm so lucky to have met her and just have bookings that feel like I'm chilling with a good friend for a few hours.”

— B